Hulbert Financial Digest Investment Newsletter Honor Roll for the eighth year in a row!

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“Stock buybacks are the simplest and best way a company can reward its investors.”  legendary investor Peter Lynch.

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We're on Hulbert's 2018 Honor Roll !

The Buyback Letter was named to The Hulbert 2017-2018 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll. This is the eighth year in a row The Buyback Letter had been honored for this! There were only 7 that made the Honor Roll. To be in this select group, a newsletter must exhibit above-average performance in both up AND down markets.

As Hulbert advises, "The key to long-term success is actually following a strategy through thick and thin."



"David Fried's Buyback Letter is one of the best in the business. He makes money for subscribers year-in and year-out, in up and down markets, with honesty, integrity and consistency." - Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Stock Trader's Almanac

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"Not only have the newsletter’s portfolios outperformed a buy-and-hold, they have done so with slightly less risk than the overall market .......... That’s a winning combination,.."
Mark Hulbert, The Hulbert Financial Digest - August 2015

Our Buyback Income Index is up 909.78%* since inception (Mar. 1997)!
That's a 638.16% outperformance over the S&P 500.

The Buyback Letter
Standard Edition

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A full-service monthly newsletter for investors who like more explanation and information. The newsletter includes buy, sell and hold instructions, a featured article, a choice of six model portfolios with a range of risk and activity each month, news briefs, charts and weekly hotlines -- everything you need to know about investing in companies that repurchase their own shares. (more info)
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The Buyback Letter
Premium Edition

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A focused, high-octane strategy for experienced investors only, with a single 5-stock portfolio that changes each month. It is designed to take advantage of the hottest buyback stocks available. Subscribers get a monthly e-mail hotline with buy, sell and hold instructions, and access to charts tracking portfolio value. (more info)
$79 per month.

Our Buyback Track Record

The Buyback Letter’s "Indexed Portfolios" have gained an average 714.95% since inception (March 1997). That’s an average 443.33% outperformance over the 271.62% gain in the S&P 500 (as of 7/31/2019)!

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A major study of the stock market over a 20 year period of time found that in each four year period, value buyback stocks (buyback stocks with high book-to-market ratios) generated returns 388% higher than other stocks.
What is a Buyback Stock?

For 50 years Buyback stocks have outperformed the market, sometimes spectacularly so. Here's what they are, and why they perform as well as they do.
David's Exclusive Buyback Strategy

After carefully analyzing each buyback stock and each buyback company, we will separate rhetoric from reality, and show you how we have doubled our money* using our buyback stock strategy.

* Past performance no guarantee of future results

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