Hulbert Financial Digest Investment Newsletter Honor Roll for the eighth year in a row!

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“Stock buybacks are the simplest and best way a company can reward its investors.”  legendary investor Peter Lynch.

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We're on Hulbert's 2018 Honor Roll !

The Buyback Letter was named to The Hulbert 2017-2018 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll. This is the eighth year in a row The Buyback Letter had been honored for this! There were only 7 that made the Honor Roll. To be in this select group, a newsletter must exhibit above-average performance in both up AND down markets.

As Hulbert advises, "The key to long-term success is actually following a strategy through thick and thin."



"David Fried's Buyback Letter is one of the best in the business. He makes money for subscribers year-in and year-out, in up and down markets, with honesty, integrity and consistency." - Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Stock Trader's Almanac

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Latest mentions

"10 investment newsletters to read besides Buffett’s," commentary by Mark Hulbert; 3-3-15



"For these Two, Buybacks are Good Business," by David Fried; 5-10-11;


Mark Hulbert, whose Hulbert Financial Digest evaluates the performance of 200 investment newsletters, lists The Buyback Letter among 10 must-read investment newsletters that have outperformed Warren Buffett over the past 15 years (since the top of the Internet bubble). 

"10 investment newsletters to read besides Buffett’s," commentary by Mark Hulbert; 3-3-15

"No Respect: Share Repurchase Strategies are Getting a Bad Rap;" commentary by Mark Hulbert; 9-30-09;

“How sweet it is: It's bullish when companies buy back their shares"; commentary by Mark Hulbert; 7-9-2007;

“Dow buying spree: Buybacks bode well for the Dow Industrials” by David Fried; 12-20-2005; Guru’s Corner,

Guru’s Corner: “Booming Buyback Market: Good news for savvy investors”; 2-10-2005;

“New bull market? So what? Buy the companies that buy themselves,” 6-6-03;


MSN Moneycentral


Mark Hulbert founded and ran the authoritative Hulbert Financial Digest, the independent source for financial newsletter performance evaluation. The HFD objectively tracked more than 160 investment newsletters and the 500 portfolios they recommend, using methodology developed by Hulbert when he began it in 1980. The HFD helped investors develop useful criteria for choosing from among investment strategies, and rated the risk, clarity and completeness of the advice contained in each newsletter.
Although Hulbert has discontinued the Hulbert Financial Digest, he continues to track newsletters’ real world performance and provide scoreboards ranking advisers, strategies and performance at

Hulbert Ratings 2017-2018 Honor Roll

HFD’s write-up on The Buyback Letter, September 2006

HFD’s write-up on The Buyback Letter, August 2005

Hulbert's commentary on The Buyback Letter for, July 9, 2007

HFD ranks The Buyback Letter #5 for 5-year period, December 2004
2004 ranking
: Hulbert rated The Buyback Letter #5 (out of 116 newsletters) for risk-adjusted returns among stock-picking newsletters for the five-year period ending 12/31/2004, with a gain of 13.9%. By comparison, the Wilshire 500 Total Return for that period was -1.4%.

“A Tale of Two Strategies,” by Mark Hulbert; 3-4-03; (writing about The Buyback Letter’s stellar long-term record)
“Since Jan. 1, 1997, when the Hulbert Financial Digest began tracking it, this service’s average model portfolio has produced a 13 percent annualized return, in contrast to just 3.4 percent annualized for the Wilshire 5000. That’s good enough to rank The Buyback Letter in second place among all the newsletters the HFD has tracked over the last 6-plus years.”

HFD ranks The Buyback Letter #1 for 5-year-period, March 2002
In March 2002 the Hulbert Financial Digest ranked The Buyback Letter #1 for risk-adjusted returns among stock-picking newsletters and #2 among all newsletters for the five-year period ending 12/31/2001. The HFD began tracking The Buyback Letter in 1997. It became eligible for Hulbert's long-term rankings five years later, in 2002.



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