Welcome to The Buyback Letter Premium Portfolio

Thank you for signing up for The Buyback Letter Premium service, a focused, high-octane strategy for experienced investors. It features a single five-stock portfolio that changes each month, and is designed to take advantage of the hottest buyback stocks available.

The following four guidelines should help you get the most out of this service and profit from this portfolio:

1. Follow the trading instructions carefully. On the first few trading days of each month, you'll receive my Premium Portfolio e-mail hotline, telling you exactly which stocks to buy, sell or hold. Once you make the trades, you're done for the month. It sounds easy and is as easy as you make it. We advise against trying to tinker with the strategy by buying only the stocks that appeal to you. If it were possible to narrow the list we would do so. Tinkering with the strategy will make it hard and more than likely hurt your results. (Keep in mind that your percentage of ownership in each stock will be a little different than the model portfolio for a few months).

2. Open an account that charges minimal trading commissions. Before the recent explosion of low-priced trading services that are now available, brokers’ trade fees and commissions would have made this whole strategy impractical and costly. But now, rebalancing a portfolio is extremely practical and affordable. The monthly trading required to execute this strategy is no longer a burden to performance. (Examples of low-priced trading services can be found at Ameritrade.com and Etrade.com.

These examples are offered for your ease, and are not a recommendation of any particular site or service.)

3. Stay with it. While the holdings may not be long term, the strategy is long term. Some months the portfolio will soar, and some months it might sink. Don't get too carried away with either short-term result.

4. Invest only the funds you do not need in the near term. Also invest an amount of money that you are comfortable with. If you do so, you will be more likely to stay with the program and reap the rewards.

Thank you for using The Buyback Letter as a tool for your investment decisions. Have a good month. And remember, invest for the future -- it will be here before you know it.

Thank you for your order.

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